Smart Adjustable Bases

Adjustable bases are becoming more popular with people wanting to expand their sleep experience. These bases can be places under your mattress (replacing the box spring) to allow for head and feet raise and lowing comfort.  Newer technologies like iPads, Kindles and bedroom TVs are creating a new demand for adjustable beds. Couples who enjoy reading or browsing their tablets in bed can do it in comfort in an upright position. Watching TV in Bed can now be done without stuffing pillows behind you.  All of our adjustable beds have remotes to raise your head or your feet in the upright position.  Some of our adjustable beds have three different massage settings for the most enjoyable sleep ever.  BEDTOPS Mattress will discount your mattress and the adjustable base to create a special ADJUSTABLE BED PACKAGE priced just for you!  We call this BYOB, Build Your Own Bed.  Adjustable beds are not just for general use, but for people suffering from medical aliments.  There are plenty of medical benefits to gain from sleeping on an adjustable bed.  Here are just a few… Relief from poor blood circulation, which can be improved by the massage feature on some models. Relief from Sciatic Nerve pain and eliminating or easing back pain and pressure points. Relief from Gastric Re-flux, Edema, foot, leg or ankle swelling of the legs.  People have even reported relief from Hiatal Hernia discomfort by sitting up in bed.

We personally advise our customers on the features and benefits of adjustable beds. We have many customers that have slept on our adjustable bed packages with a Gel memory foam Mattresses or a Hybrid Pocket Coil Mattresses. Come visit our adjustable bed showroom where we have multiple adjustable beds on display for you to try out.  We provide delivery and installation services and show you how to use all the features.  We are family owned and we personally guarantee you’ll get the best sleep possible.


“Sapphire Sleep – Model 400 Smart Adjustable Base”


Falcon 2.0+Adjustable Bed Base. With a host of advanced comfort and safety features, the Falcon 2.0+ adjustable bed base is the perfect solution for any bedroom. Use the convenient, ambient under-bed lighting to find your way around your room at night. Additional features include an emergency power-down function and a “Flat” button that makes getting to sleep effortless.


The Simplicity 3.0 adjustable bed base allows you to create your perfect relaxation haven, complete with wall hugging technology and a soothing 3-speed massage to ease your tension after a long day. A zero gravity button gives you a weightless feeling that’ll instantly relax you. Convenient under-bed lighting lets you navigate your bedroom in the dark without trouble.


The Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed base features our all-new MicroHook™ retention system that keeps mattresses from slipping, eliminating the need for mattress retainer bars. The industry-first capacitive-touch remote and exclusive apps for Apple and Android devices let you adjust your bed to the most comfortable position effortlessly. This adjustable bed also has 8 USB ports, 4 on each side.

Adjustable Bed Warranty

Leggett & Platt adjustable bed manufacturer’s warranty:

  • 1st Year Full Warranty: Covers non-excluded defects in workmanship or materials, including labor & transportation costs.
  • 2nd & 3rd Year Limited Warranty: All moving parts, defective parts. Does NOT cover any labor or transportation costs.
  • 4th to 20th Year Limited Warranty: Defective steel structure and mechanical base parts.